Great Falls, MT — Alan Warneke, Former Pastor of Central
“I have found Dr. Rand’s ministry to our congregation to be biblically sound, spiritually arousing, attention riveting, energetically motivating, and practically applicable. It is not the ‘tradtional’ special services that we have often had, but refreshingly creative and fruitful. So thorough was our enjoyment, that we had Ron return for a second and third UpBuilding Weekend.”

Whitefish, MT — John Weaver, Pastor of Whitefish
“The highlight for me as a pastor was the leaders’ prayer time. What an up building experience! Too often it seems we give God only a ‘tip-of-the-hat’ type of prayer. It was refreshing to linger in prayer with our leaders and to focus on topics that came right out of Scripture! And to do so in many creative ways and with such revitalized symbolism!”

Billings, MT — Bob Fox, Pastor of Parkhill
“We invited Dr. Rand to lead our Family Camp. He really "connected" with all ages of our people. Each message concluded with a hands-on application which our families enjoyed doing together. I personally appreciated how Ron showed particular interest in our children and youth, and his taking considerable time to go one-on-one with so many. It was evident that God started a "deep work" in some of the lives of the adults during this brief weekend encounter.

Brantford, Ontario, CANADA — Lyndon Stratton, Former Pastor of New Life
“Dr. Rand met with and ministered to our seniors, women, men, families including young children, couples, and church leadership. Not only did he teach us Biblical principles but allowed us to immediately put into practice what we had learned. Lives literally were changed through this process! His invitation following his message in the worship service resulted in a multitude of people responding! We are currently looking at his other Ministry Options, such as Friendship Evangelism training, where we can have Ron return and minister to us."

Brantford, Ontario, CANADA — Al Heath, Former Associate Pastor New Life
“The Weekend was Powerful! Each session was inter-active, stimulating, and for many truly Life-Changing! The practical tools Dr. Rand gave us from Scripture are still being put to use weeks after the actual Weekend. This was the second time I have personally experienced an UpBuilding Weekend and it impacted me AGAIN!!

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