Kankakee, IL — Ed Heck, Pastor of Kankakee First
                          Rick Harmon, Associate Pastor of Lay Development
“The Weekend was a unique approach to spiritual renewal for us. It offered something for every single ministry group in the church. That alone is unique to church renewal events! We confidently recommend it to churches who desire to experience both immediate and long term effects.”

Olathe, KS — David W. Graves, Pastor of College Church
“I wholeheartedly recommend an UpBuilding Weekend to other pastors of any denomination. I know from my own personal experience from Ron’s being with us on two occasions at my former church, Springdale Nazarene in Cincinnati, that God uses this event as a powerful tool to spiritually change individuals, families, and a congregation. It is all done in such a positive, humorous, enjoyable, biblical, and understandable way!”

Beavercreek, OH — Keven Wentworth, Pastor of Beavercreek
“I know that pastors like myself are searching for evangelists or someone who is able to bring a different approach for the renewal of our people. I recommend Ron for a great and unique approach in his series of sessions intended on building up families and different focus groups within the church. Each session spoke to deep and urgent levels. Many hearts were uplifted!”

Hamilton, OH — Dan Walters, Pastor of Tri-County
“This was our second time to host an UpBuilding the Family Weekend, and both times we have been elated with the results. The content of Dr. Rand's materials is Biblical and relevant to all ages. He is positive, humorous, has the heart of an evangelist, and the energy of a 30 year old!!”

Trenton, OH — Doug Van Nest, District Superintendent S. W. Ohio
“The most powerful session for me was the unique time of prayer with the church leaders on Sunday morning. It helped us take a giant step toward our goal to be a ‘praying’ church. I had ‘goose pimples’ when we lifted the name of every member of our church! That session alone can change the life of a church!”

Colorado Springs, CO — Harold Graves, Jr., President
                    Nazarene Bible College

“It was a great priviledge to have Ron come back to our church in West Chester, Ohio, for some specialized upbuilding. The lifestyle evangelism training he led, set our people free to share their faith in natural and non-threatening ways with the people in the realms of their personal acquaintances. We literally saw the effects of it in the outreach to our day care families.”

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