Rogers, AR — Chris Pulliam, Former Pastor of First
“The Weekend was a huge success in building 'family' community. There were 'break-through happenings' in the lives of many people of all age groups! The couples' session was priceless in terms of what God did in several marriages! One of my greatest blessings was the Family Time. To have my 6 year old son pray for me using a passage of Scripture as his guide is something I may never forget! Best of all, as the pastor, I didn't have to do anything but attend! Volunteers made ALL the preparations. The Weekend was everything I had hoped for and more!

Abilene, TX — Tom Lyda, Former Pastor of First
“Ron is a pastor of deep faith, relational style, humor, and evangelical zeal. There was a strong emphasis on prayer and forming prayer covenants. In addition, Ron affirmed the pastoral staff and gave the congregation specific ways to express personal appreciation of it.”

Wichita Falls, TX — David Hartman, Pastor of First
“We celebrated Palm Sunday weekend with an UpBuilding Weekend in my former church. Our Holy Week was tremendously enhanced by the upbuilding experience! The results of each session brought us to a greater appreciation of Jesus as a suffering Savior and glorified Lord! We received many practical tools to put our faith into action, not just to speak “Hosanna” words of empty praise!”

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