Fort Myers , FL— Stu Austin, Associate Pastor New Hope Evangelical
“Ron provided our senior members a Biblical foundation for their calling as grandparents. Each attendee left with a host of ideas to make their own and share with their grandchildren. The session 'Grandparenting More Effectively' was a blast that many are still talking about.

Auburn, IN — Glen Francis, Pastor of St. Andrews Evangelical
“The Weekend promoted relationship building with the Lord, with our family members, and with members of our congregation. All of this was done in a creative refreshing style. Our people were impacted and inspired! The joyful attitude was contagious. Ron is a masterful facilitator who smiles from his heart!”

Kokomo, IN — Jerry Van Auken, Pastor
“We hosted the Weekend at my former church, Tabernacle Presbyterian, at the end of our interium pastor time and the beginning of our new pastor's coming! The timing was perfect! What a tremendous way to unite our people of all ages around a common theme of upbuilding. The Weekend gave us a jump-start to new beginnings."

Plymouth, MI — Bill Moore, Founding Pastor of Trinity Evangelical
“God has certainly gifted Ron in many ways. His humor is contagious; creativity exceptional; and ability to connect with a multitude as well as individuals makes him one of the most significant communicators in the Christian world today. Many speakers can hold a crowd with their interesting anecdotes. But few can wed deep Biblical teaching with relevant illustrations and current needs. I can honestly attest that this ministry was the single most effective ministry in the 20 year history of our congregation.”

Cincinnati, OH — Rich Lanning, Pastor of Evangelical Community
“Our church invited Dr. Rand to lead a conference on issues of prayer, personal evangelism, making Biblical choices, and persevering in faith when surrounded by difficult circumstances. Ron genuinely modelled what he taught us. I feel that God used this conference to renew our sense of urgency especially in the areas of prayer and sharing our faith."

Somerset, PA — Keith Fink, Pastor of St. Paul's
“We had a weekend that focused on Friendship Evangelism. People responded well to Ron's passion, humor, and burning love for our Lord. He was practical, down to earth, and encouraging to people who might feel intimidated and ill-equipped to share their faith. As a result of his initiative, I had a ton of people commit to pray for me and my family on specific days of the week."

Wexford, PA — Bob Shull, Former Associate Pastor North Park Evangelical
“Ron really helped our congregation experience the ministry of affirmation and encouragement. His practical application of God's Word, creative and engaging presentations, humor, and pastoral sensitvity will long be remembered. His call to prayer will also continue in the lives of all those who attended any part of the Weekend. Linda and I also personally
benfitted from Ron's wisdom and insights as a pastor of many years."

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