UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

Comments from Weekend Participants

“Real change in any organization usually happens due to an outside impetus.” A classic example of this principle is 9/11 !

Another example of this is the tremendous life-changing results we witness from UpBuilding Weekends. People hear things differently from an outside speaker. The Weekends offer men, women and children opportunities for real change.

A “seasoned saint” states: “I’m 88, hard of hearing, had laser eye surgery, have bursitis-my body parts are wearing out! Your session gave me a new attitude of my worth, especially to pray the 7 day weekly calendar. You gave me a renewed purpose for living and a tangible way to serve Jesus at my age.”

A teen writes: “I confess my parents dragged me to the meeting. Now I’m glad they did. The gummy worm time was just for me. A couple of creeps at my school make fun of my physical appearance. I can’t change them, BUT I now have a way to deal with their hurtful comments. Thanks!”

A single person comments: “I’ve been a Christian most of my life; a single for all of it. Never have I heard the teachings from 1 Cor. 7 and the advantages of being single. I want to study it more in depth. God used you to enable me to combat some to the statements made by others like ‘there must be something wrong with me since I’m 42 and single.’

A man says: “490 is my number! Your portrayal of Jesus’ teaching on 70 x 7 got to me. I have been hooked on pornography since a teen. The 3 “S” solution to addictions you offered are do-able and offered me a way of freedom I never imagined possible. I am praying about choosing my 4 "mat" men as you taught in Mark 2 to bear with me in my weakness!

A woman confides: “I buried in the pit a secret sin of 5 years. I wanted a child so badly that I lied to my husband about taking birth control pills. Today I buried this secret and also thanked God for our 4 year old son!”

A married couple expresses: “Tonight marked the first time in the 25 years of our marriage that we prayed together out loud! Now that we have taken the first step, we are committed to continue. Thank you for giving us such a simple and non-threatening way to do it.”

A church leader notes: “I’m the clerk of session and after your teaching on prayer, I want to become “the clerk of prayer.” I intend to talk with our senior pastor about using several of your poignant symbols during our future session meetings.”

A worship service attendee exclaims: “I never before participated in a “response” after a sermon in a Presbyterian church. Nor did I know that such a response is encouraged in the Book of Order! Your visual presentation of the red juice in the white styrofoam cup was so convincing for me of what Jesus did with my sins. I have already done what you said and told our pastor of my personal response.”

Only God’s Holy Spirit brings about these “real changes.” The Spirit is the dynamic impetus. Our UpBuilding Weekends are simply a channel God uses to cause the effects of His change. Thank you for your partnership with me in being an instrument of change!

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