UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

Archive of Past “What’s New” Articles

Comments from Gratified Lay Persons — “See how a letter written by a husband/father at the men’s session of an UpBuilding Weekend continues to profoundly bless his family after his tragic death.”
Monthly NewsletterTry for yourself the 30 day prayer covenant with someone or with a mate and see God's GOODNESS flow into your lives.
Comments from Gratified ClergyThe distinguishing mark of an UpBuilding Weekend from other church renewal events is that people immediately apply the Biblical principles they are taught!” Tom Sweets, Pastor Madeira Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, OH 
Comments from Gratified ClergyOne of the differences of an UpBuilding Weekend is that every attendee participates! Even children!” Rick Shonkwiler, Burlington, KY 
Comments from Gratified Lay Persons — “I now have ‘a way that works’ to deal with hurtful words from others at my school.” Teenager, MT
Monthly NewsletterLooking at Christmas in a new and creative way!  
Comments from Gratified Clergy “I can attest this ministry was the single most effective ministry in the 20 year history of our congregation.” Bill Moore, Plymouth, MI 
Comments from Gratified Lay Persons — “The personal application of Psalms 139 convinced me that I was more than an ‘out-of-wedlock-mistake,’ but uniquely designed by a loving God.” Mary 
Monthly Newsletter — How God ministered to Sue, who in the past 18 months, lost a husband and only surviving sibling through death, both breasts to cancer, and the vision in one eye!  


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