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for Making Your Weekend


Recruit one person (or couple) to Coordinate the Weekend details. Notify UpBuilding Ministries as to who this person is by calling 1-239-850-8324. This person(s) should have abilities for administration and for attending to details. It is most important that this Coordinator thoroughly read ALL of the links within the link Host A Weekend. Clergy Comments and Monthly Letter Archives are also encouraged to be read as both give insights into what the Lord does during an UpBuilding Weekend. His Word is alive and active!


Recruit one person from each church group to promote the Weekend from within the membership of that group. These persons shall report to the Coordinator listed in # 1. Groups to include:

leaders — council members, elders, deacons, trustees
choir and musical groups
womens/mens/youth/singles/senior citizens
church staff and support staff (secretaries, volunteers)
Sunday school classes and various Bible study classes

ministry groups/small groups/cell groups

3. Show the UpBuilding Promotional DVD to the congregation one segment each week during the Sunday morning announcement time beginning four weeks in advance of the Weekend. Have a registrar, registration table, and registration form available following the worship service(s). ALSO, make the DVD available to as many groups within the church as possible. You may reproduce it yourself.

Produce a brochure adapted from the UpBuilding Ministries' model See Sample of Brochure and distribute it to members...

at the Sunday morning worship services,
through a mass congregational mailing, or
after a promotional time with each of the above groups listed in # 2 above.

Include in the brochure a registration form to determine the number of persons planning to attend each session. This is helpful for the food preparations, the custodian staff, and child care personnel. ALSO include a list of the items participants need to bring to the various sessions. These are found in the section: Checklist for Making Your Weekend Successful under the Friday and Saturday sessions and including the congregation for the Worship Service(s).
5. Send at least two (2) emails to all members who have internet access promoting the Weekend, relaying ALL necessary items of information such as times, topics, what participants are to bring to each session, registration needs, child care, etc.

Meals: The eating time for both Families and Couples Session is planned for 1 hour, shorter is preferable.

Please explicitly follow these requests when serving meals:

by buffet style, ALWAYS use 2 tables and serve from both sides of each. IMPORTANT: If you choose a catering service, please only employ one that will allow the people to serve themselves rather than be individually served by the catering personel. This expedities the serving time!
by server style, ALWAYS use 2 servers per table.

With either style, ALWAYS put the beverages, condiments, and desserts on a separate table away from the main food table.

7 Prayer: Request that each of the above groups include the Weekend in its time of opening or closing prayers at its regular meetings. Also, include the Weekend in the weekly Sunday morning worship prayer times.
8. Other churches may be invited to ANY or ALL of the sessions. If there is an interest in co-hosting a Weekend with other churches, our experience indicates that this is best accomplished when the various sessions are divided up and held in each of the participating churches' facilities.This fosters a greater ownership of the entire experience by each church.

Closely follow every detail of the “Checklist for Making Your Weekend Successful.”

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the PDF version.
You can download a free copy here.

“Checklist For Making Your Weekend Successful”

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